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Saturday, March 3, 2018

SHPING Platform: Revolutionizing the way we shop (Crowdsale is now LIVE!!)

Looking for the next ICO or project to invest in?

Choosing between hundreds of ICOs could be a daunting task. Especially nowadays when there are plenty of irrelevant and fake ICOs. Finding the right project to invest your hard earned money is important.

I would like to discuss and share with you one of the most promising ICOs this year. This project has earned a lot of interest and attention since launching its crowdsale. What makes this ICO very special?

SHPING Coin is a utility crypto currency that is aimed towards disrupting the shopping industry through its innovative and highly rewarding platforms. There are plenty of shoping and rewards related coins in the market as of today but Shping Coins proves itself to be the only coin that has a potential to truly revolutionize the way we shop.

What is SHPING  all about?

Shping Coins will become the currency that enables brands, retailers and associated organizations to utilize this powerful platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter, safer shopping choices.

Buyers will use the SHPING app to scan bar codes of different products they want to buy. When they scan a barcode, they are able to see more details about the product as well as receive rewards for doing so.

On the other hands, brands can communicate directly to buyers through the SHPING platform. They can target buyers who are scanning the bar codes of their products and promote any message or announcement. In this way, brand to consumer relations becomes more customized. Brands will give rewards to buyers for buying their products and for viewing their advertisements.

What makes SHPING  extraordinary? Why should you invest in it?

SHPING Crowdsale

1. Real-world use case
Other ICOs out there aim towards solving problems that don’t really exist, hence they end up failing immediately after the launch. But SHPING is on track of building a meaningful connection between buyers and brands. Furthermore, it is also creating a platform the eliminate counterfeiting and other consumer experience related issues.

Imagine being able to access more details about the product you are buying, imagine being able to distinguish which is fake and which is authentic? And if you are a brand, imagine being able to customize the way to communicate with your buyers based on what information they really need? These are the innovations that SHPING will introduce into the market. No other platform has done this yet. This is one of the reasons why there is a great opportunity that awaits those who will participate in the crowdsale.

SHPING Crowdsale
2. Excellent Team
This project is built by a team with experienced individuals who have idea about the business. The team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs, developers, marketers and advisers. You can check the team from the SHPING website 

SHPING Crowdsale
3. Popularity/Hype
Since the launch of the tokensale, SHPING has been widely accepted by people all over the world.  It was also rated as a Number 1 on the ICO Hot List and have been receiving excellent reviews from ICO personalities and websites. Furthermore, SHPING also has the Lowest RISK on ICO rating making it ideal for investors.

SHPING Crowdsale
4. Innovative Platform
You never though Shopping could be anymore rewarding and smart. But SHPING is making this a reality. The SHPING platfrom will promote awareness among buyers about the product they are buying as well as transparency for brands.

We all want to know more details about what we are buying. We want to know what is fake and which is authentic. The Shping Platform aims to use integrated blockchain technology to enable customers to access verified and useful product information simply by scanning a GS1 product barcode or datamatrix. Furthermore, it incentivises customers to do so.

This is revolutionary especially in these times where choices are too much and it is way to hard to pick which is the right one to buy.

The SHPING platfrom will serve as the world’s largest  trusted Global Product Database through blockchain innovation.  SHPING can also be referred to as the “Search Engine for Products”.

SHPING Crowdsale
5. Cheap Tokensale Price
One good thing about the SHPING tokesale is the PRICE!! It sells at a very cheap price and your money’s value can be maximized. SHPING Coins cost 0.01 USD Dollars only. For instance you invest 100 dollars, excluding the bonus tokens, you will have 10,000 SHPING coins. Imagine if SHPING coin value goes up to even half a dollar or even 20 cents? This is a cnservative estimate and it is absolutely possible! Plus, there are more rewards that you will receive if you participate in the tokensale early on. SHPING tokensale will end by march 28, 2018 so hurry up and get your SHPING coins now!

For more information about the project and the tokensale, visit WWW.SHPING.COM or HTTPS://TOKENSALE.SHPING.COM.  You may also check out their FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTER and TELEGRAM Community

 If you are interested in joining the bounty campaign, visit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2707693.0  or https://tokensale.shping.com/referral-program.html# for more info.

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