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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Have you ever thought of being a part owner of a company? Sounds interesting right?

There are several ways to make this happen. Call your friend and start a company together, invest your money in a start-up company, buy equities (stocks) of a public company or better yet, participate in the CORL Token ICO/Crowdsale.

Why should you invest in CORL?

Investing in CORL gives you the opportunity to be a part owner of the company with minimal investment and less complexity. All you have to do is participate in the crowsale (that's all!!) . Being a part owner, you will receive dividends quarterly based on the company profits. These dividends will be issued in Ethereum. 

What is CORL (CRL) Token and CORL Platfrom?

In a nutshell, CORL is a financial technology (FINTECH) company that will issue funding to well-deserved companies requiring capital. These funds will come from investors who will receive a corresponding amount of CORL (CRL) tokens based on their investment.

CORL will profit from the interest paid by the companies who received funding. Based on this profit, It will distribute 10% to Token holders and reinvest the other 90% for portfolio and operations expansion.

CORL (CRL) Token will be developed using the Ethereum (ERC20) and Polymath (ST20) protocol. The Ethereum protocol provides the many desirable properties that blockchain assets possess, such as decentralized consensus, censorship resistance, operational execution, and a universal storage standard, whereas the Polymath protocol provides the mechanism for ensuring regulatory compliance with securities law, such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulation.

Corl is the very first company to offer Revenue-Sharing, Crowdfunding and the Blockchain all at the same time.

Why makes CORL different and relevant?

Aside from giving individual investors the opportunity to be a part owner and earn from the company’s profits, another notable feature of the CORL platform is Capital-as-a-Service (CaaS). This means companies with potential who are under served by the traditional finance will be given the chance to acquire the funds they need.

A lot of brilliant ideas nowadays are suppressed by simply the lack of capital. Imagine the kind of technology advancement that we will enjoy once all these innovative ideas come to reality? Corl is going to bring a close to this gap. As long as the company  has potential and  follows the application process.

How can CORL make all of this happen?

Corl is managed by an experienced team with backgrounds in technology, finance, regulations, and domain expertise in blockchain, lending, risk, and investment management. You may check the website or the whitepaper to know the people behind this revolutionary project.

Coupled with a highly relevant goal (empower entrepreneurs and investors through the use of technology and innovative funding strategies based on revenue), excellent team and strong support from its investors, CORL will definitely be able to revolutionize the blockchain and the finance as we know it.

Corl has also partnered with other outstanding companies such as Polymath, MLG Blockchain Consulting, BountyOX and Presale Partner to further its goals. The strong partnership built with all these companies will ensure the success of the entire CORL platform.

To know more updates about this project and the crowsale, visit www.corl.io or any of their social media pages:

 Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1234796

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