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Thursday, November 9, 2017

23 Practical Ways To Save Money!!!

Managing your own finances well is one of the foundations of building a good future. Not only for your own but for your family as well. The earlier we begin to learn this principle, the better it is for us. Here are a few practical money saving tips for you!

1. Saving is a not an option, it’s a necessity
It’s always best to be prepared no matter what

2. Save and then spend
Not the other way around

3. Quit vices
Save your money and health at the same time

4. Master the 30-day rule
Don't be a 1-day millionaire; there are 30 days in a month to consider

5. Invite friends over instead of going out
Home dates or hangouts are so much more memorable and fun

6. Keep track of your expenditures
The best way to know you are overspending is by monitoring every peso you pull out of the pocket

7. Drink more water
Most of the times, you are not hungry, you are just thirsty

8. Master the 10-second rule
Pause for ten seconds and evaluate why you are buying an item

9. Be as debt free as possible
Avoid paying an interest

10. Clean out those closets
You will get surprised you have more in it than you think

11. Eat a heavy breakfast
Or else you will keep hitting the convenience store over and over again

12. Make your own coffee
Enjoy more cups at super low price

13. Minimize midnight snacks
you dont need too much food at night unnecessary

14. Wait for products to mark down
There is always a right time for everything

15. Evolve you entertainment options
Food, movies and shopping are not the only ways of entertainment

16. Don't spend  too much on brands
You can always find somthing of the same quality at a lower price

17. Quit using credit cards
If you can bring cash, that would be better

18. Make your own when you can
You will also learn a lot of things when you do this

19. Borrow books
Buy a new one unless you want to keep it as collection

20. Avoid stress-spending
Don't trust your spending judgment when you are having a bad day

21. Buy used when you can
As long as you know exactly what you need, its ok to buy pre loved items

22. Remember that time is best friends with money
The earlier you save, the more gains you will have over a period of time

 23. Use online banking

Save time and travel expenses


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