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Monday, November 13, 2017

Micro-Farm-to-Table Now Possible Anywhere Around The World Using Demeter Platform!!

Demeter Crowsale
How do you like your food served?

Fresh? Clean? Real? Healthy? Cheap?

Of course yes! And yet, looking at the food we are used to nowadays, these criteria are hardly met. We are eating food which are expensive, synthetic, not fresh and we are not even sure if they are safe to intake but we don’t have a choice. We long for a solution to this existing problem. Furthermore, we dream that someday, we don’t only get fresh and healthy food but also help farmers to truly make a decent living out of food production- not the middlemen and corporations raking the massive profits from this industry.

The SOLUTION we have been waiting for is here! DEMETER is the world’s first Crypto currency project to ensure Micro-farm-to-table made possible - anywhere in the world. Imagine you could eat fresh, locally grown produce - delivered directly from a farmer to your table? Imagine you could save money and eat healthier - by cutting out large corporate middlemen and dealing directly with local farmers? Imagine you knew exactly how and where your produce was made - either buying direct or via micro-farming?

And if it was accessible from any device that has an internet connection - accessible anywhere in the world - how could that change your life? Or the lives of others?

This is truly the future of Agriculture- AG4.0!!

Think about this. Because all of this will be done using the blockchain technology and everyone can take part as long as he is connected to the internet, anyone from around the world can easily and conveniently communicate with locals farmers around the world also! There is no limitation to this technology. If this happens, what kind of impact do we expect?

1. Empowered farmers
Farmers will be happy because they can sell their products directly and their profits are higher. The middle men are take out of the picture.

2. Healthy consumers
With fresh food on the table, it is certain that consumers will become happy and healthy. There is no doubt on this. Everyone in the world always has the desire to eat healthy foods if they are given the chance.

3. Cheap food
With the middlemen and corporations out of the picture, the price of food will become much cheaper. Most of the times, these middlemen put too much margin so they ca take as much profit as they can. 

Demeter Token

How can you be a part of this Agriculture Revolution?

CROWDSALE start on November 18th at 11:00 UTC.Everyone who believes in this project will have the oppurtunity to contribute and makes all of this happen. You can check the Demeter Website for more info.

The DMT Currency
Facilitating the exchange of value on the Demeter ecosystem will be fueled by our Ethereum based token - DMT.

As an Ethereum based token, DMT will give customers and farmers a decentralized, secure, trust based way to share with each other - helping the micro-farm-to-table ecosystem to flourish and bringing benefit to everyone.

One essential key factor to reach our dream is the usage of DMT, an ERC20 token based on the successful Ethereum blockchain. DMT is the soil of the entire ecosystem and ensures 100% secure, fast and cheap transaction from you to anybody else on this planet. Within 1-click
everything on this entire Demeter platform will be paid with DMT. As it is based on Ethereum you keep the full freedom to store DMT in various types of different wallets.

The total supply of DMT will be 200,000,000. We will split this up according to the following ratio:
-30% Release during the Crowdsale
Your opportunity to be a part of the ag4.0 revolution.

-20% Development team
We are fully dedicated to heralding the era of ag4.0! – To make this happen, we need your trust and support.

-25% Business Development
We will use this pot to ensure the healthy growth of the entire ecosystem.
This is necessary to reach our ambitious targets and to speed up market expansion.

-25% To be release to DMT holders in future
The number of releases and the quantity of DMT released during each window has not been decided yet and will depend on the development and community sentiment.

Demeter Coin
Price Fairness
Customers will enjoy quality and organic food for a fraction of the price they are paying today.
And farmers all over the world will be able to directly connect with customers - cutting out middlemen - and receiving fair value for their work.

A decade ago, crowdfunding became a new system that allowed anyone with an internet connection to invest small capital amounts in startup companies.
Growfunding takes this idea to the next level: allowing people around the globe to rent local micro-fields where their food will be farmed.

As a core feature in our ecosystem, the marketplace will be the first blockchain based store where people from all around the world will be able to buy, sell or trade goods and services related to the food industry.

For more information, visit Demeter Website or visit their Telegram, Bitcointalk and Twitter pages. You can also participate in their Bounty program

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